I'm in the process of moving my F5 Big-Ip infrastructure from 10.x t0 11.x. Expect more details  in later blog posting. Today I wanted to detail the upgrade process for a Virtual Edition Big-IP.


If you've deployed a virtual edition (VE) on version 10.x you'll know that the OVA came with a 40GB hard drive. One of the requirements of 11.x is more space and F5 is now shipping the new VEs with 100GB hard drives. Of course these are all virtual machines so the difference between a 40GB and 100GB is just  a setting on the OVA. Once the appliance is deployed however it becomes a bit more involved to increase the HD. 


This means you'll need to do a full reinstall on v10 on a larger hard drive before you can begin the up grade to v11.


The steps for the reinstall go roughly in this order

1. Re-license your current machine.

2. Export your configurations through the Archive option

3. Power down the VM

4. Remove the 40GB hard drive (don't delete it, just remove from the VM!)

5. Add new 100GB hard drive.

6. Download the 10.x ISO file from F5 for your original version.

7. Start the VM

8. Bring up the VM Console.

9. Attach the ISO to the VM as a CD-ROM

10. Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete to the VM

11. Install v10

12. Reboot to the Hard Drive

13. Disconnect the ISO as CD-ROM

14. Once the machine has booted from the HD log in as Root/Default from the Console

15. Run the 'Config' command to set the IP address, mask and gateway

16. Log in through your web browser

17. Re-License the box again

18. Provision the modules

1 9. Import your archive file


All of those steps were to get you running on your original v.10.x version on a larger hard drive. Once you have that  completed and you are satisfied that everything is working correctly you are ready to begin your upgrade.


1. Import the  new v.11 version

2. Install v.11 onto one of the HD partitions

3. Import the latest Hot Fix file.

4. Install the Hot Fix file into the same HD partition as v.11

5. Boot from the v.11 partition.


Hopefully you'll be much luckier than me and v.11 will work without issue. Again, I'll be detailing some of our issues in later blog posts. 


Helpful resources:

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AuthorKelly McDowell