I have so many 'heroes' in our field right now, and now the conversation is happening online in so many cases. If you look at the conversation happening in twitter, podcasts and forums you will see so many industry titans, all accessible. One day you can chat with the guy that wrote the book,  the CTO for one of your favorite companies, the guy contributing to a neat project you are following, or even the visionary who launched the next revolution. 

I've been on twitter for a long time now, but it is time to join the blogger conversation and have a larger platform. Why? Because by all accounts, blogging will make you a better engineer, a better customer, a better architect, and a better employee. It isn't too bad for career development either, provided you are willing to put in the time and do the hard work. So here's to all of the cool kids, the rest of us are forever indebted to you for what we've learned.

AuthorKelly McDowell